Technique Concrete Construction is stepping up its service offerings with the addition of several acquisitions to its arsenal of construction vehicles, including two powerful pieces of technology.
In the past weeks, Technique has acquired two new ROVVER-X mobile inspection cameras and two vacuum 2100i combination sewer cleaner trucks. Both machines will fortify the construction company’s current set of capabilities and promote organizational growth.
The acquisition of the ROVVER-X inspection vehicle will allow the company to remotely access and assess buried collection systems on construction sites, eliminating the risk of compromising underground assets like drainage and sewage pipes through manual inspection. In addition to boosting Technique’s performance, this acquisition makes Technique one of the few companies with the capability to install, repair, and inspect all types of storm, water, and sewer pipelines.
The 2100i vacuum trucks bring additional horsepower to services that Technique currently provides for large-scale jobs on roadways. The trucks will thoroughly clean out silt and debris from structures and pipes.

“Technique Concrete Construction’s legacy was built on providing top-quality services around Atlanta and beyond,” said Billy Freeman, Jr., Technique’s founder, and CEO. “We are stepping it up, and we look forward to seeing how these acquisitions make us stronger.”

The addition of these vehicles is a signal of growth for the company. Technique will put safety first as the company begins to train its team to use these vehicles.