The performing firms of Atkinson Construction and Technique Concrete Construction joint ventured on the City of Atlanta Water Supply project. We are honored to have collaborated on this most demanding and extensive project that has been shortlisted by The Global Water Awards for 2021 – Water Project of the Year. In 2016, the City of Atlanta kicked off this $321 million project intending to increase the cities water supply from 3 days to over 30 days and in case of an emergency, up to 90 days. This was achieved by drilling a 5-mile long tunnel 400 feet beneath Atlanta that connects the Chattahoochee River and Bellwood Quarry with the existing Hemphill Treatment Plant; which allows this 2.4 billion gallon water storage facility to operate.

The ambitious scale of this project is not only impressive, but certainly a nod to the skillsets, high-level expertise, and collaborative performance of these companies. Atkinson and Technique are responsible for the Tunnel Mining, Quality Control, and Quality Assurance aspects of this challenging infrastructure project and will prove to be the blueprint and model for other cities worldwide.